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Fakeeh care academy is providing clinical training opportunities for medical, paramedical and non-medical students and graduates.

Training Process Steps
  1. Applying through clinical training unit at least 2 months before the proposed onset of training.
  2. Providing the training opportunity based on departmental needs, capacity and training abilities (Organizational unit leader will specify the numbers and qualification of candidates that can be accepted).
  3. Providing the applicants with a checklist for the requirements needed to proceed.
  4. The trainee application form should be completed and signed by the applicant.
  5. Once the application requirements are submitted, the clinical training unit coordinator will arrange an interview appointment for the trainee with organizational unit leader or program director.
  6. The interview form will be completed and approved by the organizational unit leader and forward back to the training unit coordinator.
  7. The approval process for training shall take not more than 2 weeks.
  8. Once all the required documentation completed, trainee will pay the required fee via wire transfer or get a payment letter from the training coordinator to pay cash in the finance department directly and then submit the receipt to the coordinator.
  9. Acceptance letter will be issued by the training unit coordinator to the Recruitment Section in Human Resources Department (HR) stating the trainee’s name, the training area(s), the period of training, and director name under which the trainee will work to issue a temporary ID.
  10. Trainee who involves in face to face with patient contact will go to the staff clinic for medical check-up and blood test “OR screening and Varicella IgG” before receiving ID.
  11. All trainees should receive a hospital general orientation and submit a required short exam prior to start the training. (Refer to new hire orientation policy)
  12. Each trainee will have a supervisor during his rotation who will be responsible for orienting, educating and observing and the whole training will be under the head of department.
  13. Attendance and timekeeping of the trainee will be monitored by each host department in conjunction with clinical training unit.
  14. Post training evaluation will be performed for all trainees by their assigned supervisor.
  15. Submit a feedback form to the training coordinator by the end of the training period.
  16. All trainees who successfully complete the training will receive a certificate.
Required Documents for Applying Training at Fakeeh Care Academy

*For undergraduate students and all trainees:

  1. National ID
  2. Two recent photos
  3. Training letter from the university or sponsor (for Internship)

For graduates or clinical attachment:

  1. A license or a request training letter from SCFHS
  2. BLS
  3. Graduate Certificate

For more information please send email to